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Bonetalker Atom, the 3rd generation bone conduction headphone

This is the lastest version of bonetalker,enhanced around.

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Product description
Product description




A special speaker for Bone-conduction

Fully symmetrical magnetic circuit double shrapnel ultra-thin bone conduction speaker, Suppresses lateral swing, has a wide sound range, and high-fidelity sound quality. The sound cavity and EQ algorithm adopt unique special design, and the sound leakage is reduced by more than half compared with ordinary bone conduction headphones.


The Newest High-End Chip

Qualcomm QCC3003 main control IC
Low power consumption, Bluetooth 5.0 version, long transmission distance, and fast speed compared with the previous Bluetooth 4.2. There is an active error correction mechanism at the receiving end, which reduces the chance of stuttering. Enhance the user experience.

 More Ergonomic Design

The ear hook design is more reasonable, and the overall weight is spread behind the cheekbones and ears, and users will not feel tired after wearing it for a long time. Leave enough space for wearing glasses and masks. Multi-function keys use touch keys, double-click to play/pause, triple-click the next song, and long-press sire

Super Lightweight

All ear and rear positions are made of PET + titanium alloy steel wire. Supports 360-degree bending without deformation. Lightweight, the whole machine weighs only 27 grams.

Creative Magnetic Charging

Magnetic charging, which can effectively prevent non-charging caused by sweat or water stain erosion.


IPX6 Waterproof & Sweatproof 

Atom adopts a structural waterproof design as a whole, and neither sweat nor water stains can enter the inside of the casing, which solves the problem of resistance to sweat corrosion and water resistance in the industry. Supports all-weather use, supports a variety of vigorous sports scenes.