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Bonetalker Adder

BoneTalker is lightweight and highly ergonomic, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time outdoors.

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Alex - France

Bonetalker is perfect for me when I am riding my bicyle. It is able to withstand the strong gust of winds when I'm on the roads without having to worry about them falling off. There are times where I would go for a short break in a nearby town and I do not need to take the extra effort to remove my headphones. Bonetalker enables me to make purchases without inccuring additional efforts to adjust them like ordinary earpieces. I would highly recommend this for my cycling counterparts if you want to get your hands on some bone-conducting fun at a cheaper price than its competitors.


I love to wear Bonetalker Adder when I am running. It allows me to run at ease without compromising the beautiful morning melodies from nature. It's magical how I am able to listen to my favorite podcasts and my surroundings at the sametime. It almost feels like I am being brought to a storybook fantasy where the podcasts seamlessly weaves into the sounds of nature. I would recommend this to my peers who are seeking for some rejuvenating time alone on the roads. It is insanely addictive.

Teodore- USA

Bonetalker is great for me to stay open to the environment while I am in the gym. I love to make friends while I am working out. Bonetalker has allowed me to achieve both of these without compromising on one or the other. This has allowed me to make many new friends while I am in my gym working out without incurring additional effort to unplug my headphones in order to talk to someone. The dealbreaker for me is that it is IP56 waterproof and weatherproof. For someone who perspires insanely much while working out, this came as a blessing for me. With the price tag at the lower end of the scale, I just wanted to try out this bone-conduction technology. Who'd knew that I got stuck to it ever since.